Chautauqua County Lakes & Waterways

Chautauqua County Lakes & Waterways

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Our Lakes & Waterways

Chautauqua County lakes and waterways are vital to the local quality of life and economy. They are essential to the tourism economy and second home market as well as the overall ecology of the region. Currently a series of problems are affecting our enjoyment and use of some area waterways, as well as the health of the ecosystem. This website attempts to provide information about the current situation, suggestions to improve conditions, and news about what activities are taking place. 

How Can You Be Involved

Most people are concerned about specific lake or watershed issues that have the most direct impact on them. This could include: heavy weed infestation, weeds and other debris on the shoreline, algae blooms, sediment filling in a shoreline or creek opening, and erosion. However, it has become common knowledge that there are many factors that create and exacerbate these problems. As a result, improving the causes will take a broad-based and long-term approach--requiring the involvement of year-round and seasonal residents, local municipalities, water treatment facilities, developers, landscapers, tthe County, and others.

There is no single solution or quick fix for many of the problems that affect area waterways. This is particularly true in regard to eliminating nuisance weeds. It will require a multi-step, long term approach to solve problems that took decades of poor land and watershed management practices to create.

Chautauqua County, local municipalities, and lake agencies, are implementing the Chautauqua Lake Watershed Management Plan to improve conditions in the Lake and throughout the watershed.


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